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MINI RASOGULLAS | An Indian Dessert

Rasogullas is an Indian dessert. All Indian prefer Bangali rasogullas because it's a gift of West Bangal. And we Indian peoples loves it most. Rasogullas can be defined as ras means soup(sugary water) while gullas ,means round. Paneer( cheese curd) balls cooked on sugary water. One of my favourite Indian sweet, and I do prefer… Continue reading MINI RASOGULLAS | An Indian Dessert


Boondi laddo (chickpea sweets)

​Boondi laddo made from chickpea flour/gram flour. In India commonly called it besan. In India boondi laddo/sweet occasionally made in festive season,marriges and used as prasad in most of temples. This is one of my favorite .From long time I wants to try this eagerly. Last time when I had made it the laddos become… Continue reading Boondi laddo (chickpea sweets)