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Buransh/Rhododentron Squash

After long time ,our family has visited to Chandrabadni mata temple which has already situated in Tehri Garhwal Uttrakhand. This temple located at the peak of mountains around 2200 sq ft. from the river and rich in Rhododendron trees. This was my first time when I saw buransh trees. It was my destiny that I… Continue reading Buransh/Rhododentron Squash

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Masala Chhach (buttermilk)

As we knows  that buttermilk is a rebooting drink .To enhance the flavour ,I have added some refreshing and digestive ingredients .My son liked this masala chhach very much and he has finished his chhach and start looking at me.So I have given him another glass...😀😀😀😀. Anyway ! Recipe Ingredients Thick yoghurt-250gm Fresh coriander leaves… Continue reading Masala Chhach (buttermilk)