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Aalo Muli Processed cheese PARONTHA

As we all are familiar with Amul brands. While, amul India does made all dairy products such as milk, cheese, yoghurt, processed cheese, butter, etc. There are lots of recipes we can make from any dairy products of Amul. Because of my foodie nature, I am trying always to find out variations in my all… Continue reading Aalo Muli Processed cheese PARONTHA

Everyday Science · Photography


Look at these incredible photography of foetus development. You will have definitely fall in love. And will understand the real meaning of precious life. Lennart Nelsson ,a Swedish photographer and scientist, was born in 24 August 1922 and died in January 2017. He had spent 12 years of his life for taking the pictures of… Continue reading MARVELLOUS PICTURES OF FOETUS DEVELOPMENT |Incredible photography