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Sink and Float Experiment

My son curious about sinking or floating objects, so always asks to me about why it happens or how it happens. So, we did science experiment on “sinking and floating objects” and taught him about its differences.

Materials we will needs

Big plastic bowl( better if you chooses transparent bowl, or could choose bigger size) has fillled from water, pick some sinking and floating objects. We picked coins, wooden sticks, metal toy cars, needles(beware while using it, I had used hard paper and kept the needles on it), plastic toys( beware from choking the small toys), buttons ( beware from choking), observational chart.


Keep the filled plastic bowl on the table or on the floor and all experimental objects alongwside with it. Start from according to your choice of picked experimental objects.

Observing one by one with your child and help them to “draw tick and wrong” marks according to the properties of experimental objects on the OBSERVATIONAL chart.

And also help your child to find out the difference between sinking and floating objects. At last, make questionnaire for your child.

Note; And must ask for repeating this experiment again, it is because some children couldn’t easily understand the concept of sink and float experiment.


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