6 types of PICTURES OF YOUR CHILD shouldn’t be post on SOCIAL PROFILES​

There are some types of pictures shouldn’t disclosure on the facebook and other social profiles.Follow these steps to save from theft of your kid’s information by suspicious people.


Every parent are happy when their child goes to the school first time and every parents share it with their friends and relatives on the facebook , but there are some people,which are seeing a constant picture of your child. Because of this one click your child can fall into dangerous circumstances.Make sure you do not posting personal information of your child on Facebook such as his age, school name, living place.And most importantly, your personal numbers and email addresses should not share on facebook because from your phone number,these people can track you and find the address too.

Till you not update these moments on Facebook, your child has personal moments,You should avoid posting such stuff on Facebook’s wall, because without your knowledge, your child’s moments are watching by obscene people.

At the time of celebration (such as birthday parties), avoid taking pictures of your child’s friend.If you do this, before you should get permission from the parents of the children because some parents do not like sharing pictures of their children.However,if you share a group picture on Facebook, then your and other children can fall into dangerous situations

Today’s tradition is taking selfie and posting on the wall of Facebook, but as a parent, you should save yourself to post selfie clicks with your child.It’s okay to take a selfie or other pictures because every little moment of our child is very precious,so for this, you have to save all these photos in your personal albums or pendrive while it is not necessary to share on a public profile.

Yes, you have heard right, when you are sharing your location on the facebook wall, it will be very dangerous for you.In these location, where you are spending​ a lots of time, such as hotels, restaurants, cinema halls, hospitals, shopping malls, airports etc., which is very important for you or your family. Disclosure your existing locations on Facebook is a danger to yourself because some suspicious people can track you.

Some parents share child pictures on Facebook with children’s health issues and problems related to fever, wounds, accidents etc. If possible, try to avoid sharing these types of photos on facebook’s wall.If you want to share, then you should ensure that almost 60% face of your child should be cover.

Your child has rights to preserve their memories in personal Album instead of on the social profiles.


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