CHILD ABUSE: He and She could be victim

Child abuse is a silent crime,it should vanish out from the world. Almost in every countries 84% kids are suffering from sexually or physically abuse by someone. Mostly ,it happens by known people and relatives.Out of them, aren’t FIR by oneself parents, merely to maintain the​ so called relationships or status in front of society​ and blood relatives. Nowdays, boys are suffering from abused  issues also. So, we should be more attentive and careful for our growing boys.

What do you mean from trustworthy person?

From those people , whomever with we do share our every emotions or whomever with we have connected from blood relations. As, every parents are so protective towards their kids and we appreciate it. But, that is not end, we should be beware of such kinds of stigmatic peoples because they can be act friendly in front of ours kids.These people always try to look for a juncture to trap our kids from their greedy behaviour . Without our concerns , our children might be suffering from torture even these people would take less time to tear off our kids life.

Over 3 millions reports of child abuse made every year


  • As a parent, we will “empower” our child ,teach them about “bad touch and good touch” .Good touch, when your parents , grandparents and teacher touches your neck or pat on the back while bad touch, when someone are trying to touch your private areas.To demonstrate about both touches , you can draw a picture of human body and tell to them that some parts of their body aren’t allow to touch anyone else, except your mother or father while the doctor can touch your body during vaccination and common check up in the presence of your parents. Parents will teach their kids that if anyone are trying to touch your private areas, he/she will say “no” strictly to that sly person and will scream loudly for help.

    • Customised for them “Save Zone Circle”.Under this zone ,your kids can share their problems to their trustworthy peoples and they will be his/her Father, Mother , siblings, grandfather ,grandmother and teacher.
    • Show them related documentary films and vedios and teach them how they can save oneself at such conditions.You can watch prevention based activities kits for children in Pinterest and You tube.
    • We would strictly tell to them that without your permission they can’t eat or take anything from strangers and even known people too.
    • Our kids are next generation, because of this ,we have responsibility to teach them how they would behave from elders, friends and younger from them also.


       If something has happened to your children, they may suffer from depression, heavy stress, mental disorder and even the afflicted person may suffer from PTSD(post traumatic stress disorder). And they can move towards introvert and become queiscent.To deal with these issues, you can follow these steps;

      • You will go ahead, fight for your child ,Most importantly, as a parent, you will never give them a down or a terrible situation, think about your kids situation instead of the so-called society and relatives.
      • If possible, try to increase your’s kids self-esteem and enable them to fight against those who are tarnished, who are already present in sophisticated ways in society.
      • You can inspire them, by showing them relevant videos, biographical books and magazines of victims
      • Laughing is the best medicine ” Try to convince them in your laughing conversation.
      • Take them to advisable  trauma and rehab centers and follow the necessary treatments ,which would prescribe by psychological therapiest.
      • The MEDITATION is one of the miracle exercise which can reduce the stress and depression in them.
      • Although,the “Almighty mantra“can relax and change the thoughts of mind. Incredibly boost the positivity them in.
      • There are some non-governmental organizations that organize various activities for children. In the future, it will help in their lifestyle and will open the doors of various opportunities or sources of self-income.

      Indian government has passed the laws to diminish the child abuse from India

      Merely the time is a medicine ,which would help to heal the ache of victim’s life


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