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When the loose skin(foreskin) remain adhere to the head(glans) area of penis and unable to pull out (retractable) the foreskin called uncircumcised penis. It’s normal because most of baby boy have this and at the age of 18month to teen boy can retract itself.

Some of parents starts distress about this issue. Among these parents do forcibly retract their boy’s foreskin without any recommendations, consequences kids does suffer from scar tissue ,bleeding and swallowing.


There are some peoples around you ,never told about the truth behinds the uncircumcised penis of your baby ,even in my circumstances I was heard about it first time when I was under the recovery of my breast surgery through nurse. She was such a good lady and always concerned towards my boy. She told me her story that her son had also suffered from uncircumcised penis,at first she always ignored the behaviour of her 8 years old son until her son hadn’t complained that he was feeling pain during urinate, she immediately took his son to the paediatrician ,finally her boy had a surgery of his penis by removing the the foreskin (circumcised). Somehow I heard her story, from that time I was starting concern for my boy about his uncircumcised penis ,he was merely 4th month old when nurse saw my baby’s penis ,she recommended me that we should consult to the paediatrician immediately ,regarding the uncircumcised penis. From that time me and my husband had visited lots of time to met the paediatricians , surgeons and even paediatrician surgeons too. Every doctors was giving different opinions ,we were just feeling terrible and perplexing by thinking about their suggestions.

Firstly, we met to a lady paediatrician ,she did slightly retracted the foreskin of my boy ,we have found some white cream substance called smegma, which comes from his penis ,while it had already present under the skin of my son’s penis and already made white lumps or blister near the penis glan. She did prescribed me a healing and antibiotic ointment creamneosporinshe told us that we would apply that cream daily after wash his penis carefully, which meant we would have to pour lukem water directly over the penis by slightly retracting the foreskin , would have to repeat the whole method during the shower time of baby. The whole process we did till 6th month and consequences my baby relieved from attachable foreskin. But the problem hadn’t end because the white lumps(looks like pearl) had already presented on the head (glans) of his penis . For that ,we was met couples of surgeon,out of them ,the first surgeon told us that they would give anesthesia to our son before his penis surgery, while during that surgery because of slightly cut of his penis, blood would flow, so they would stitch our son’s penis. And, the second surgeon told us that he would puncture the white lump(presented in glans) by their medical equipments.

We had waited for 1yrs, after that when our boy had almost 23 months old ,we had choosen the second surgeon’s recommendation and finally we had gotten success in surgery. Now, my boy had relieved from attachable foreskin and white lumps(looked like white blisters)

The white creame substance should be clean daily because this discharge comes from urinary tract,lack of hygiene may cause itchiness, redness, swallowing and infection too

Before, choosen such decision as a mom or woman I had asked to my mother in law, birth mother and some friends those who have boys. My mother and mother in law have almost same kind of opinion that they haven’t done anything with the foreskin of their boys. While my friends boys haven’t suffered from uncircumcised penis. So,in consequences I have found that least numbers of boys suffer from uncircumcised penis . All of these statements was falling me in astonish and utterly my opinion towards the uncircumcised penis,at last we(me and husband) had decided to save our child from circumcised surgery of foreskin, finally we got the success.


  • When foreskin is too tight.This issue called Phimosis.
  • Persistently bleeding or more than quarter-sized spot of blood on his diaper
  • Persistently redness more than five days after circumcision
  • Yellow discharge lasting more than a week
  • Fever
  • Swelling
  • Trouble urinating
  • Scar forming

To care the foreskin you should follow the instructions given by your paediatricians.

Keep the area as clean as possible by washing your baby’s penis with mild soap and water every day. Change his diapers often so that urine and stool do not cause infection.

Being Momma is very easy but being a best momma is one of the difficult task.

Note : The above information, in the section of my story is true and had happened with me. Rest of the part are the research source from internet sites. I hope it will help you.

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Note: In some religious peoples do male circumcision because these peoples traditionally following their customs rule and regulation. I respect them all.

Happy motherhood

Happy parenting

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