Medhansh is just 2yrs 10months old boy He has started his journey of tracing numbers and alphabets from 5months ago ,even he is rectifying himself day by day.Sometimes,he gives me astonishes by his quick learning and keen habits.Although ,he has sharp memory and explorer behaviour.

At this age most of kids are hardly good in griping but the tracing numbers and alphabets are one of the ingenious way for kids to disentangle this query. During their learning process parents needs patient and lets give them their own pace of learning. We can’t pressurise to our kids but can help them in tracing numbers and alphabets too.

Try to start from 5minutes daily then increase it because most of kids doesn’t like to sit at single place.At that time,you should give rewards to them at every little achievement of their learning or writing goals.

NOTE: Whenever your kids doing such kinds of things ,you should encourage them because every positive reinforcement makes a good learner.

Soon I will share the tracing patterns.Through these patterns your lil one learn with fun.

Happy and positive parenting



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