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Buransh/Rhododentron Squash

After long time ,our family has visited to Chandrabadni mata temple which has already situated in Tehri Garhwal Uttrakhand. This temple located at the peak of mountains around 2200 sq ft. from the river and rich in Rhododendron trees. This was my first time when I saw buransh trees. It was my destiny that I found these beautiful Rhododentron trees so, I brought these buransh flowers to make squash from it.Now I am sharing the squase recipe of buransh.

Buransh flower 300gm

Sugar 150gm

Sodium bicarbonate 1pinch

Citric acid (lemon salt) 10g

Water as per need


  • First of all,remove medium part (reproductive)of flowers and then wash it with normal water.keeps them aside.
  • Take a medium cooking vessel and pour around 500ltr water into it.
  • Add pinch of sodium bicarbonate and follow with flowers.
  • Take one boil then simmer it for 15m at medium flame.
  • After that, you can see the water change its colour.

  • Switch the flame, then remove the vessel and leave it for 30m at room temperature.
  • The whole water drain in a large bowl with the help of stainer.
  • The leftover flower can be squeeze with the help of hand and extract rest colour from the flowers.

  • Now in another cooking vessel pour 200ltr water and then add sugar.
  • Let it be boil for 5m ,then you can find sugar syrup of 1 string.
  • At that time add citric acid to preserve syrup from thickness.
  • Transfer this sugar syrup into the another bowl of buransh water.
  • Mix them properly .
  • Finally, you have got buransh squash
  • Before serving first dilute it with chilled water or normal water with ice cubes.
  • If you needs more flavour so, you can squeeze lemon juice into it as per taste.

Enjoy, in this summer as refreshing and rebooting drink .

Buransh have lots of medicinal properties. It is good for kids and your family.

Let’s try and reboot yourself.

Stay tuned!



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