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How To Prevent Kids From Holi colours

Holi is known as “festival of colors” On this day peoples get together with family πŸ‘¨πŸ‘©πŸ‘¦, friends and relatives etc. and play holi by throwing colours on each others. But in this festival every parents starts worry about children’s safety and health issues.As I am a mom of a boy and its my responsibility to protect my boy from these chemical based holi colours.
To prevent our kids from hazardous colours. I have listed some prevention tips and are sharing with you .To describe my points I have categorised preventions as before and after celebration of holi.

Before celebration( what to do as a Mom)

1.Wear Full Sleeves Clothes
To protects your kids skin from getting spoiled or damaged, it is neccessary to wear them full sleeves and bottom clothes which will totally works during holi celebration. These clothes can protect most of the body parts of your kids and you can use old cotton clothes because these are lighten and protected.The stain may be hard to wash so, you can throw these stained clothes.

2.Use Oil
Before playing in outdoors area should apply oils on uncovered skin of your kids such as in hand, foot ,neck and scalp areas.Use best brand oils for ex. coconut oil, almond oil ,olive oil etc. Massage your kids scalp properly with good brand oil.

3.Use Vaseline and Lotion
Facial parts of your kids body is most sensitive and which needs more care as compare to other body parts.To protects these areas of your kids apply Vaseline and Lotion on them.Apply Vaseline over lips to protect from chap . Moreover little Vaseline on ears of your kids too

4.Nail paint
If you have a teen girl and she loves her nails .To protect her nails gives her advice to use transparent nail paint on and under her nails. Through this method she would save her beautiful nails. I know, I know that you have no time for pamper yourself, relax ! girls, at this season you must apply nailpaint in your nails and try to be happy after pamper yourself.

5.Use Organic colours
First of all ,should strictly avoid to buy unpacked colours from market because they all are hazardous for your kids and family.But there are such brands which makes organic colours .If possible try to makes organic colours at home from Tumeric,beetroot, carrot,Tomato,green leaf of tea plant,Marigold,spanich etc. All of these are friendly and healthy colours for your babies and toddlers. Skip powdered colours at this time and stick to paste colours for safety.

Homemade colours;

For Red colour


Your kids and family needs ” Thandai”. To protects them from dehydration and weakness. You can offers them various “homemade Thandai”such as jaljeera,mint lemonade, gaazar shikanzi etc.All these beverages are good for health and will get cure from dehydration on this festive season.

After celebration(what we must to do as a mom)

1.Use home remedies to remove stains

  • For Face and other body parts

Make face pack from gram flour and lemon πŸ‹ apply for 5m. If you kids above 3 yrs then you can apply if they are below use half of lemon πŸ‹ in one glass of water then apply it carefully with cotton balls near facial area and rest body parts you can apply curd and risen through normal water. You can also use tomato pulp as a face pack on your kids.

  • For hair

Kids above 4yrs you can apply hair mask on them. After washing kids hair with normal water,then apply hair mask. Take one egg ,one tsp honey ,mix them together and gently apply from scalp to hair tip ,wait for 10m and risen from normal water. Finally,you should wash their hair with shampoo.

2.Avoid sunrays
Its very harmful for your kids to stand in front of Sunrays. Because these rays will dry wet colours and will directly penetrates into the skin through pores of their body.As ,result your kids can suffers from allergies reaction and sensitivity.At this condition immediately consult to your dermatologist.

During playing with colours kids may suffer from asthma, nosal blocks, eyes/ears irritation and inflammation. To save from them, first of all risen thoroughly from cold water on affected /damaged areas and immediately consult to your doctor.

Once you have done cleansing your kids body use plenty of moisturizer cream or lotion onto the whole body. Moisturize plays an important role in preventing and becoming healthy skin of your kids. If your kids are feeling itchiness and cracks somewhere in their body ,to quick reliefs you should apply branded moisturizer or lotion on their Body. If itching is continuously happen so, as soon as possible immediately consult to the dermatologist.

“Celebration May End but Happiness Will Not”

“Let’s Celebrates Healthy and Safe Holi”

Wish you Happy holi to all visiters


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