Boondi laddo (chickpea sweets)

​Boondi laddo made from chickpea flour/gram flour. In India commonly called it besan.

In India boondi laddo/sweet occasionally made in festive season,marriges and used as prasad in most of temples.

This is one of my favorite .From long time I wants to try this eagerly.

Last time when I had made it the laddos become hard but taste was yummy.

So, I have tried it again.

Here is the result of my practice instead of carefully understand the instructions.

So here is the recipe

For boondi


Chickpea flour -250gm

Melted ghee/butter -2sp

Saffron water 1tsp

Water -300gm

Ghee -500gm

Perforated sieve(medium size)


Take a bowl put chickpea flour 

Add melted ghee and mix with spoon

Pour saffron water ,follow with normal water also into the flour.

 If you don’t want lumps in your flour so pour water in  three section (100×3=300)

The last section of 100ml add after 10m for setting the paste 

After that pour the rest water and leave it for 5m

With the help of spoon if you will observe that your paste have water dropping consistency ,it means your paste is ready to making boondi.

And if not so add little more water into it.

Take a deep cooking pot pour ghee in it.

When your ghee would hot ,so start the process of dropping the chickpea paste with the help of ladle ,spread it and drain through the perforated sieve/grater into the oil.

When your boondi get crispy then transfer into the plate (use tissue paper over plate to soak the extra ghee from the boondi ).The whole process you would to apply till your paste isn’t finish.

Now your boondi is ready 

If you wants your boondi should more thin so crush your boondi with large spoon / could be grind it on food processor.


Sugar -250gm

Saffron water -1tsp

Lemon juice/citric acid -1sp

Water -200gm


Take a cooking pot ,add granulated sugar in it.

Add saffron water, follow it  with normal water

Pour lemon juice (I add this because it helps in softening )

When your syrup are getting​ to dissolve (before to make one string of syrup)

Add your crunchy boondi( flam should be on medium ) into the sugar syrup pot.

Stir the whole ingredients with the help of ladle for 2m.

If your syrup get soaked  boondi  then switch off the flame.

Leave it for 5m

Then make round shaped ladoos.

Your boondi laddos is ready to serve

Note: You can use ghee in your palm before making the shape of ladoos

Yummy ready to go in your tummy

Smart momma


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