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Masala Chhach (buttermilk)

As we knows  that buttermilk is a rebooting drink .To enhance the flavour ,I have added some refreshing and digestive ingredients .My son liked this masala chhach very much and he has finished his chhach and start looking at me.So I have given him another glass…😀😀😀😀.

Anyway !



Thick yoghurt-250gm

Fresh coriander leaves -½cup

Freshly roasted cumin  seeds -5gm

Turmeric powder -½sp

Salt as per taste


  • Put curd into the mixing jar 
  • Follow with cumin seeds ,coriander leaves ,turmeric powder and salt
  • Close the lid of mixing jar then mix the whole ingredients.
  • Your masala buttermilk is ready now.
  • Put this butter milk into the glass container or any other tumblers .
  • Garnish with coriander leaves and cumin seeds

Serve your little one and family too

Some interesting facts about ingredients.


This is one of most effective ,cooling body temperature ,improved digestive and get ride of upset stomach. It is a combination of nutrients such as calcium,potassium,sodium etc.

Old ladies gives cumin water to new mother because it can increases the lactation .Moreover it has various properties such as improve digestion ,helps in respiratory system ,diminish boil ,cold and cough etc.

It comes in green vegetables so it has properties of vitamin A, C and  K .While other minerals  are present also such as  potassium ,sodium and magnesium etc. It helps in diminish the skin inflammation, decrease cholesterol ,regulated blood pressure and many more.

As we all are familiar with its properties because our mothers gives us”haldi wala dudh “(turmeric milk) during any wounds and injuries. In Ayurveda ,it has especial importance because of its greater properties such as increases/improves skin tone ,makes herbal products ,medicines etc. Although Indian women use it as one of the most important spice in every meals or recipes.Moreover ,all Hindu used turmeric in their marriage ceremonies because  they believes that turmeric has incredible positive power and sanity through which broom and bride lives happy life and be together for lifetime.
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