learning toddlers

Digital learning is good for kids


​I am a mother of 2yrs son .He is very stubborn and hyperactive boy.That’s why I am unable to teach him from books and oral poems.So, I have found an interesting way of learning through which kids can learn quick and easy way.When he was 12th month old  ,from that time he knews , how to use android phone and tablets .And he had learnt merely watching us using mobile /tablets.

 Six month ago i had downloaded the learning apps for my loo.Through these apps my son has learnt  lots of things such Alphabets, colours ,shapes and poem rythem too.But ,there are such moms who does always claims to me that digital learning is not good for childern.

But I don’t think so.Instead, I have allowed to my son learnt through these gadgets.Moreover ,he is trying to speak words too.Today, I totally believes in digital learning

Note: These apps recommended above 1yrs of kids

As we know that our kids are very intelligent and no one can beat them.So, as a parent let them free and allow to your kids to learnt from gadgets.

happy parenting

Thanks for reading

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