About constipation

When someone feels bowl movement in his/her stomach and releasing smelly gas through anal area. The stool can be firmly or bulky(hard).During constipation ,the texture or shaped of stool  may be different such as marble ,sausage , seeds shaped and so on.The colour may be varies from green to dark brown/black coloured.But if someone have high bowl movement means feeling lots of paining/aching and slightly blood(pink to red) comes from anus. so, immediately visit to near doctors.

Here ,we are sharing about constipation symptoms ,reasons ,cure and precautions in babies .

Researchers claimed that most of new born /infants may suffers from constipation.  

As a parent constipation should be identify, should find out the reason ,cure it and lastly take various precautions .

Symptoms in babies

Hard stool

This is common sign to find out that babies are suffering from constipation. The firm stool can stretch the anal area which cause /release blood too.


Your baby start crying continuously aren’t stopping and /she needs your lap all time.

Releasing gas 

Because of upset stomach they can frequently release gas and which may be pungent.

Lack of sleeping

Your baby wake up whole night and some times whole day too.

Refusing meal/breastfeeding

Your baby can refuse his/her meal/breastmilk because they may be suffer from bowl movements and nausea. Moreover these two can diminish the hunger.
Reason of constipation


What did you meant by dehydration?

It means lack of water intake in body.The symptoms of dehydration can easily find For ex. Suffer from chapped lips ,unmoist skin and neck area starting black.

 We can’t give water  to those babies which are upto 6 the months. But you can use baby vasilene and moisture to save from dehydration .Breastmilk is loaded with all nutrients and can decrease the dehydration in small babies.

  • Improper diet

For breastfeeding mommy eating/adding unhealthy meal which can direct effects not only to you but also your baby too.

For formula milk mommy, using unprescribe formula milk and not following the given instruction of packed milk, which may leads to constipation in babies. Although, packet/formula milk get more firm to stool as compare to breastfeeding  babies.

Lack of movement

Yes you hearing correct,

If a machine not move or immobile or unstable state , then there will be chance of spoil or damage or not work properly by machine. And after all human digestive system is a type of machine. so, why we insecure about body movement especially in babies ? While our new born needs more body movement but there are some babies whom not interested in movement instead of they loves sleeping which may cause constipation.
Cure from constipation

Home remedies

Our elders mostly believed in home remedies and its works. I have lots of home remedies recipes for that And soon will adds / post all home remedies for babies.

Apply Asafetida oil,mustard oil near navel area

And you can give juices like carom juice ,aloe vera juice ,mint juice etc.

Immediately visit to pediatrician

If you finds blood in yours baby stool and bowl mobile has increased so immediately go to the pediatrician.


Old ladies always believed in massage for constipation . There are types of massage to get rid of these shit like as

Tummy massage

Move your finger at clockwise manner for 10times near navel area.

Secondly, moves your fingers from upper  to lower  side as continuously sliding manner 12times.

Back massage

Moves your both palm from opposite sides  as parallel manner 

And moves as vertical manner too.

Busy their minds

It is not easy to divert their minds but trying to talking, playing with yours babies

For toddlers create challenging task for them.


-For infants

Lift their legs on upper side means direction on roof ,then slightly bends their legs towards head

You can helps them in cycling means as clockwise and anticlockwise

-For toddlers

There are lots of exercise for them but most easiest one is “up and down” the whole body.

Secondly, at sleeping position lifting legs towards head

 You should do this exercises because yours toddlers can mimic you easily. If not possible , try to helping them in exercises.
Precautions from constipation

Drinks water

About 70% our body made up of water and that’s why to balanced it we needs water at correct amount and at right time.

-For infant

They have thin layer of skin and very sensitive too. So, it becomes important to save them from dehydration .If baby depends upon breastmilk so mommy needs to increase more water intake after at every breastfeeding by her baby .This is not only helpful for herself but also for her baby. 

-For above 6month

As you have introduced solid food to your baby And you know that it not easy for them to digest new food. So start from semi -solid food likes veggies  puree ,dal pure ,fruits puree  etc. And moreover you can gives fruits juice at one time in a day but at every meals  should gives water to them ( I prefer to gives water at each bits and it works). And it is better if you gives lukem water to them.

Proper diet

In my upcoming post I will post food chart for all age kids.

-For infants

Breastfeeding mommy needs proper diet. And for that they should eat/add healthy food because it  will help both (mother and baby).

-For above 6 month babies 

you can give papaya puree, avocado puree, add carom powder in their meal or carom water, aloe vera juice and so on.

You can give/ mix with other veggie at little amount of yoghurt which will help and improve  the digestion process.

There are some foods like cheese ,potatoes ,broccoli , banana ,cauliflower ,black lentils ,white bread ,pasta etc. all these creates constipation in kids and adults too. As, digestion is closely related to nutrition so,if baby takes excessive amount of protein in diets which leads to harder stool while carbohydrates and fibers leads to softer stool. Moreover ,sugar plays an important roles in digestion and should gives dessert to your little one. And most of toddlers refusing to eat veggies so trying to give them veggies in variant form (different dishes).

As a parent we should know about 

balanced food. Because the excessive of any things else will causes/creates problems in future. Trying to adopt balanced diet and avoid unhealthy foods.

Sleeping position
For good digestion make it habitual in your babies that sleep at left side. Because at that side stomach haven’t any pressure and can easily digest the food.


At every breastfeeding should help to your baby in burping because it is necessary for digestion. Moreover ,don’t put /allow to your babies at sleeping position after every breast feeding /meals. If you don’t help them, so they may be suffer from gastric ,undigested the milk/food which may leads to constipation.

Body movement

As I have early introduced about body movement .And the movement of body is necessary because being active digestion will get active too.

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Thanks for reading

Happy parenting

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