Rabri with caramelized banana



Hi friends!

This is my first post in this blog so i m feeling very happy to share my recipie

And my recipies mostly related to babies and kids food which easy to make at home

As we know that most of toddlers are fussy eaters and every moms get worry about their nutritions and weight too .so ,I m trying to innovate new recipies for kids which is not only healthy and nutritious but also yummy 

so my main motto is that  

Yummy go to Tummy

here is the recipe

For Rabri


full fat milk -½kg

sugar -1tsp

cardamom powder 1sp


Take a cooking pot .Pour milk and boil it

till the milk will get not thick continuously stir ur milk

after some time the milk will get thick and appear as rabri and at that time add sugar and cardamom powder

again mix and boil the rabri 

after 2 m switch off the burner

placed aside to your rabri

For Caramelized Banana


banana  1whole

sugar 1sp

butter 2sp


Take a sauce pan pour butter and wt. for melt

After that add chopped banana (circle/stick)and stir with ladle 

When you have coated the banana with butter then add sugar and wt. for dissolve

Ensure that the shape if chopped banana get not loss because this the main parts of taking flavour of caramelized banana

When you have done both of method then start garnishing

Put carmelized banana in under surface of bowl then follow with rabri and finally put caramelized banana on the top of rabri

Your recipe is done 

Serve for two

Yummy  ready to go in Tummy



For babies

below 1yrs of kids cow’s milk is not recommended

u can gv mashed banana only

For garnishing

use dry fruits to give crunchy in mouth

use rose water /cinnamon in place of cardamon

If you loved this recipe 

pls like and share

Have a nice day

In my another feed i will posting babies recipes soon and which will be healthy and nutritious too.


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